7 Crystals for Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Everyone will experience some kind of stress and anxiety at some point in their lives - it’s a normal reaction to adverse situations in life. However, too much stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on our mental health and daily wellbeing.

Turning to healing crystals can be a great tool to identify and alleviate unsettling feelings. Their healing abilities can be further enhanced with the practice of regular meditation and mindfulness, as they have been scientifically proven to increase calmness, centering, and improve anxiety and stress. And remember to cleanse and program the crystals before you begin any kind of healing work!

Connecting with your healing crystals

The best way to connect with your crystals through meditation is to sit in a quiet place, ideally in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your phone, or set it to flight mode and turn off all other distractions. Place your crystals in the palm of your upturned hands and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the nose or mouth. Then continue breathing naturally. Focus on your breathing and how your belly rises and falls with each breath. Notice any sensations within the body as you breathe. Observe your belly, your chest, your shoulders as you continue the breath.

Now shift your focus to your intentions. Are you trying to distance yourself from a particular stressful event? Maybe you’re wanting to take time for yourself or want to get in touch with some self love. Whatever your intentions are, keep focusing on them as you breathe. Next try to visualise bright light coming from the crystals in your hand and imagine this light flowing into your body, until you are filled with this bright light.

Continue this process for as long as it takes for you to feel connected with your crystals and you feel calm and at peace. Take time to do this practice as often as you feel the need to.

Crystals for Stress and Anxiety

There are many crystals that hold properties that can be helpful to people who have these symptoms, however we have compiled the list of our favourites to help you on your path to calm and serenity.


When turning to healing crystals, Amethyst comes out on top. This powerful healing stone brings clarity, relaxes the mind and emits a calming energy. Amethyst can help reduce anxiety while simultaneously attracting peaceful vibes. Amethyst is perfect for many types of healing, however it aids anxiety and stress by detoxifying the mind, body and spirit from dark thoughts, negative energies and negative emotions.

Rose Quartz

This is the stone of unconditional love, which includes self-love - something that we think is one of the most important types of love. During stressful times, compassion and self-care becomes even more important so keep your Rose Quartz visible and close to you during this time to remind yourself to look after yourself. This love stone is also a powerful tool for keeping your emotions balanced and can help keep us centered during tense situations.


Howlite is perfect for calming an overactive mind and assists with meditation and spiritual connection. It allows you to transcend to a higher level of awareness and provides mental clarity, a mental state where you can discover purpose and find deep peace. Howlite absorbs anger, teaches patience, and releases attachments, helping you enjoy life. Howlite is also a great aid for insomnia, promoting restful sleep leading to a calmer mind.


Sodalite is commonly known as “the Stone of Peace", so it makes perfect sense for this beauty to be on our list. Sodalite is said to help calm the mind and ease panic attacks. This one is the perfect stone to keep in your pocket to prevent yourself from getting too emotional as it emits a comforting energy. This blue treasure can boost self-confidence and aid in self-expression while also giving us a sense of calm. 


Agate, Blue Lace Agate in particular, is another go-to stone for treating stress and anxiety. Agate dispels anxious feelings that stem from rejection or past judgement, so it is particularly helpful for those who suffer social anxiety. It can also help to aid anxiety over public speaking, job interviews or first dates. Agate gives off a soothing and calm energy which helps provide peace of mind. 


A lack of sleep is a very easy way to disrupt the mind and cause stress, which is why Lepidolite is a perfect addition to this list as this stone helps calm the mind and promote rest. It is a common aid for those suffering anxiety and depression as it contains lithium, which is a known substance to help treat depression, anxiety and bipolar. Lepidolite brings us balance in stressful periods and can help calm us when we feel emotionally overwhelmed or experience excessive worry.


This powerful stone is often overlooked when it comes to treating anxiety, however it has some of the strongest energies for aiding stress. Kyanite aligns and clears the chakras, restoring the flow of energy to them and does not retain negative energy at all (meaning it never has to be cleansed!). It’s grounding spiritual vibrations allow Kyanite to transmute negativity and liberate from anger, anxiety, frustration and stress, bringing forth calm, peaceful energies. Kyanite is also a strong aid for insomnia and sleep problems.


You can find a large range of healing crystals in our online store to cultivate calmness and soothe anxiety in your life.

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