How Crystals Work

So you’ve decided to give crystals a go, maybe it’s to see what the fuss is about, maybe you’re feeling curious, or maybe you're simply drawn to their beauty. Whatever has brought you down this path, there is may be some skepticism accompanying you on this journey and you have probably thought to yourself, “Okay, but how do they work?”

Good question! And a very important one that will no doubt naturally come up at some point in your crystal journey.

What if we told you that the phone device, the one we use everyday and the one you very well could be reading this blog on, could not function without crystals? It’s true! Minerals such as Gold, Silver, Copper and Platinum as well as Quartz crystals are used in silicone microchips as well as aiding the touch screen function.

Our smartphones also only function because of something called the Piezoelectric effect. This means when stones such as Quartz, Topaz and Tourmaline are put under pressure, they produce electricity. So it’s because of this effect that we have a whole range of modern tools and technologies like smartphones, televisions, medical equipment including x-rays, watches and satellites. Crystals are used in all sorts of other objects - Calcite can be found in microscopes, Fluorite in camera lenses and cooking utensils, Ruby in lasers and Tourmaline in hair straighteners.

Everything is a vibration. This has been scientifically proven and is not just a new age theory. When we use crystals, we are allowing their electromagnetic vibrations interact, sync, align, and infuse with our bodies natural vibrations - this is the basis of crystal healing. If we use a crystal that has similar properties with our intentions or, more specifically, where we are going to use it, for example, using Rose Quartz to open the heart chakra, this synchronisation will help balance the vibration, particularly if they are not aligned.

Our body can have imbalanced or irregular vibrations all the time, and the idea behind crystal healing is to use crystals of similar properties and align the vibrations of our bodies and our chakras to the natural vibrations of the crystals. 

What is really important to note is that intentions are at the core of crystal work. There is always going to be merit to how crystals can make us feel and they can be used as a tool to get in touch with something inside of you, and can be used to draw attention to things that you want to address. Crystals alone are never going to change a person’s life - it all comes down to how much energy and intention you put behind it.

Or better yet, as Yulia Van Doren, the founder of Goldirocks and author of CRYSTALS: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing, said...

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