How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

Firstly, welcome to our blog! Whether you are an experienced crystal enthusiast or just beginning your crystal journey, we hope that this is a place for you to grow and enrich your practice.

Today we’re going to cover some basics that are usually the first thing people ask when buying crystals: How to charge our crystals.

Why we charge our crystals

Just like humans, crystals and their vibrations get fatigued. They work hard, absorb or shield you from negative energies and sometimes travel long distances so they need to realign their energy and be restored back to their natural state. Think of recharging your crystals as them taking a power nap and waking up restored with fresh energy. 

Ways to charge

Crystals are very resilient, so it doesn’t take anything too complicated to refresh and revitalise them. There are many different ways to charge and cleanse your crystals, some that are perfect for a quick reboot or can come in handy when travelling with your crystals, and some that can provide a longer, richer cleanse. None are more effective than others, it all depends on your preference, your time and your intentions.


Burning sage, or ‘smudging’ is an ancient, effective and very popular means of cleansing and recharging your crystals. Smudging releases negative ions, which then neutralises the positive ions of a crystals aura, making it clear and clean, ready to be programmed (we will cover programming crystals in our next blog post!). 

Smudging can be done on any stone, and with any type of sage. For smudging you will need:

- A fireproof bowl (ideally filled with sand)
- A smudge stick (you can find a wide selection of sage in our shop here
- A gas lighter or matches

  1. Light your sage with your lighter (or you can use the stove flame if you have a gas stove) and until it is alight and smoking. Blow out the flame and allow the smoke to flow freely. 
  2. Move the stick in circles around the crystal you wish to cleanse for around 20-30 seconds, while speaking (either aloud or in your head) your intentions. A great mantra to start with is “I cleanse this stone of all energy and infuse it with clarity and light.” Ensure you catch any falling embers or ashes in your fireproof bowl
  3. Once you have finished, extinguish your sage in the bowl of sand and ensure is no longer smoking
  4. Your crystals are now ready to be programmed!

Always ensure you smudge in a well ventilated area or outside. Always practice fire safety, watch for fallen embers and light your sage away from the body. You can find a range of sage smudge sticks in our shop.


Sound healing is an ancient tool that uses the power of sound vibrations to cleanse and reset the energy. It works by aligning the vibrations of a single tone with the vibrations of another, either crystals or humans, thereby resetting them.

Sound healing can be done either through chanting, bells, singing bowls or Tibetan cymbals and can be done on all kinds of stones, especially large or immovable ones. This process can be anywhere from a couple of minutes to ten minutes, depending on the size of your crystals. When in doubt, go with your intuition - your crystal will tell you when it’s ready to be programmed. 

You can find hand-hammered Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingsha cymbals in our shop and they are perfect for sound healing sessions.


Aside from being our personal favourite excuse, “I can’t come out tonight, it’s a full moon and I’m charging my crystals!”, moonlight, especially on a full moon, is a very effective and effortless way of cleansing your crystals. Moon cleansing is filled with pure energies that can give your crystals extra vitality.

Place your crystals on a windowsill, out in your garden, or on a balcony and leave them overnight to bathe in the moonlight. 


Your mind is a powerful weapon, and your intentions can be harnessed to help revitalise your crystals. This is a great method when you don’t have access to some of the other tools, such as when you’re travelling or want a quick crystal top up on the way to work. 

Hold your crystal in two hands and imagine your hands, your soul and your crystal being surrounded by pure, white light. Imagine that light flowing through your entire body while imagining that light cleansing your crystal and removing impurities. Repeat in your head your favourite cleansing mantra, such as “I call upon a higher energy to help cleanse this crystal of any impurity and revitalise it and help guide me.” This process should only take a minute, but your crystal will tell you when it’s ready to be used.

Running Water

Having a nice cleansing shower can help us feel cleansed and refreshed - your crystals are exactly the same! Washing your crystals under running water, either from the tap or in a river or stream, can help rid your crystals of any unwanted energies. 

Simply submerge your crystals under running water for a few minutes or until it feels ready. If you are doing this in a river, make sure you hang onto your crystals so you don’t lose them.

Remember, there are some crystals that cannot get wet and may corrode if they come in contact with water, such as Pyrite, Selenite, Opal and Peacock Ore. Cleanse these crystals in another way, such as moonlight or sage.

Salt Water

Similar to the previous method, water can wash away negative energies, however salt water adds other benefits as salt absorbs negative energy. If you are near the ocean, collect and fill a bowl with some sea water and submerge your crystals. If not, a bowl of water with a tablespoon of rock salt works perfectly. Feel free to add any pure essential oils to this mixture for an added boost. Submerge your crystals anywhere from 30 minutes to 48 hours. Similarly again with running water, do not place soft or brittle crystals in water.


Crystals came from our amazing Earth, so it makes sense that returning them to the natural place they came from reinvigorates their energy. Submerging, or burying, your crystals in earth or in your garden is a great way to strip your crystals back to their original aura, ready to be used again. Just don’t forget where you buried them! Or if you have a dog that digs up your garden, place them in a spot where they can’t go rummaging.


Our breath can be a very powerful tool for clearing the mind of negative thoughts, and clearing crystals of unwanted, negative energy. Hold your crystal in your dominant hand, holding the crystal just under your nose and close your eyes. Focus on your intention as you take a big deep inhalation through your nose - pause, holding the breath here for a moment - then exhale over the stone while visualising negative energy leaving the body and your stone.

Other Crystals

There are some crystals out there that are what we call self-cleansing. This means that they do not need to be cleansed and can clear other crystals - some of these include Selenite, Quartz, Natural Citrine, Amethyst, and Kyanite. Clusters and geodes are particularly good for this as well. Our Selenite wands are perfect for charging other crystals - simply place your crystals on top of the selenite (or beside your cluster or inside a cave or geode if you are using these) and leave to charge for at least 6 hours or until you feel their energies shift.

Now you are fully equipped with multiple ways to cleanse your crystals - no matter where you are. When choosing your method, it is always best to go with your intuition and let your Higher Self be your guide.

Next time we will look at programming your crystal and how to use them.

Until then, sending you Love & Light

A+I xx

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