Our Story

"We embody the spirit of Artemis, goddess of nurturing feminine energy, wild animals and lush nature, combined with the essence of Ivy, a dharma to heal and protect."  


Artemis+Ivy was founded with the intention to serve the collective wellness by offering consciously curated collections of cosmic, metaphysical tools to evoke an aligned and elevated state of body, mind and spirit. We believe in ancient wisdom, the value of intuition, and that the root of true healing takes place in the subtle forces of our energetic body. It is our purpose to radiate a positive influence to our community and to illuminate the wisdom of nature and the Divine power within us all to deeply transform and uninhibitedly thrive.


Our offerings are carefully sourced from high-quality, ethical and sustainable suppliers that support local communities and who, in turn, infuse pure energies from the origins. Our crystals are 100% natural and of excellent vibration, each one cleansed with sage before delivery. We value integrity and responsibility to the environment around us, committing to compostable, biodegradable and Earth-friendly packaging to the best of our ability.

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