Angel Aura Quartz

Divine Communication. Protection. Healing

Stone of the Higher Realms

Chakra: Crown (7th), Etheric (8th-14th)

Element: Metal

Zodiac: Aquarius

Crystal System: Triclinic

Hardness: 7

Physical: Cleanses and enhances organs, beneficial for pineal gland and immune system.

Emotional: Calming, purifying, releases negativity and self-doubt.

Spiritual: Facilitates reaching deeper states in meditation, connecting with the higher realms, angels and the divine.

Mantra: "I allow and embrace my connection with the divine."

ૐ Metaphysical Properties

Angel Aura Quartz is an extremely high vibrational stone that is known to connect the crown chakra to the higher realms - your higher self, angels, spirits, source - opening a channel for clear divine communication. It is created when Quartz undergoes extreme heat (1600*F) and is then coated with a special blend of metals such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver, which create the iridescent rainbow glow and enhance the sheer power of the stone.

This magic stone emits joy and uplifting energy and is the perfect stone to help with emotional instability or distress, relieving anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness and depression. The etheric energies that radiate from this stone create a protective shield around one's aura that safeguarding against psychic or psychological attacks and helps provide inner peace, mental clarity, and enhanced intuition and psychic abilities.

Angel Aura helps to channel the tranquil energy of higher beings through us, releasing negativity from the energetic body and allowing for powerful healing to take place in the emotional and physical body at a cellular level. It helps to understand and deal with karmic issues and activates the energy of other minerals and gemstones for healing work. Angel Aura's connection to divinity also makes it a wonderful meditation aid. 

If you find Angel Aura a bit too much to handle, we recommend also holding grounding stones whilst using it, such as Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz or Obsidian.

☽  How to Use

Use Angel Aura in meditation to provide serenity and peace. It deepens your attunement to the Divine and opens gateways to the angelic realm to receive help from your guides. Meditating with Angel Aura will also assist in remembering lessons from past incarnations and expand the awareness of your spiritual purpose for this lifetime. It can be an effective aid for conscious channeling and all types of inter-dimensional communications. When placed over you Heart Chakra, Angel Aura releases limitations to spiritual growth and frees the soul to explore the multi-dimensional realms. It is highly beneficial in healing hurt and trauma, for multi-dimensional healing, and is an efficient receptor for programming. 

In Feng Shui, Angel Aura evokes Metal energy, the energy of intelligence, healing, and creativity. Use Angel Aura to enhance any space used for concentration, gathering strength, or working with a group. Metal energy is traditionally associated with the Northwest and West areas of a home or room.

☋ Cleansing

Cleanse your Angel Aura crystal using any of the following methods:


The energies of the moon are incredibly purifying and can be used to easily and effectively clear and program any crystal for extra vitality. The full and and new moons have the most potent frequencies. Simply place your crystals directly under the moonlight to cleanse and charge its energies. Placing them outside and on the ground are ideal, but if this is not possible, on a windowsill or on a natural surface such as wood or stone are also effective to ground the crystal. 


Hold your Angel Aura under running water and ask the Universe to remove all negativity from this crystal. Alternatively, leave your crystal to sit bowl of water for several minutes. If you are near to a natural running river, Angel Aura stones can be placed in an organza bag and left for a short time in the running water. Running water can also energise as well as cleanse the stones at the same time.


Half-fill a glass bowl with sea salt (or cooking salt) and place your crystal directly into the salt. Either bury them into the dry salt or leave them on the surface. They should be left in the salt for several hours, overnight or for several days. Then thoroughly rinse the crystal under cool running water to remove any remaining salt. Don't forget to throw away the salt after use - Never re-use as it will have absorbed negative and unwanted energies.

Another salt method is to leave your crystals in a sea salt/water mixture, as per the water method.


Hold a burning sage smudging stick near the Angel Aura crystal so that the smoke fills the air around it. You can also hold your crystal in and near the smoke. Ask for cleansing, protection or dedicating love to your crystal. Discover our range of smudge sticks.


Place the Angel Aura crystal directly on top of a piece of Selenite for around 6 hours (or as long as you feel guided to leave them). Our powerful Selenite Cleansing Sticks are perfect for this purpose.


Sound Healing allows a single pitch or tone to wash over an area, bringing it into the same vibration as the tone. Long trusted by the ancients, singing bowls or Tingsha cymbals are handcrafted to sacred tones and are the ultimate sound healing tool. Simply hold the sound close to the crystal for a few minutes minutes. Ideal for cleansing multiply crystals at once or very large or delicate stones that are not easy to move.

♡ Charging

Crystals can replay any sort of vibration that you bestow upon it, simply using your intention. Your Intentions emit a specific frequency of vibration of which crystals have the ability to store and emit. You can program your Angel Aura crystal to replay with a particular energy, belief or new paradigm that you are trying to cultivate or to assist with specific projects and tasks. 

Follow these steps to charge your Angel Aura:

  • Determine what you need assistance with and the energy that you would like your crystal to emit.
  • Ask your crystal if it is willing to partner. You will feel a clear yes, excitement even if the answer is affirmative. A neutral feeling is also a yes. No will usually feel like a strong resistance and is easiest to sense.
  • Hold your crystal to your heart and then to your third eye. With clear intent, imagine the task projected into the crystal. Extend the crystal in front of you to the point where you can envision the crystal, your heart and your third eye linking to form a triangle and lock in the purpose.
  • State aloud the “program” and thank the crystal for being a willing transmitter of this frequency.

Your charged crystal is now ready for use! Keep it close or hold it when you would like to amplify the program. Remember, the magic and power is within you, crystals are a wonderful tool to magnify our natural, metaphysical abilities.

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