Divine Communication. Peace. Healing.


Chakra: Crown (7th), Etheric (8th-14th)

Element: Wind

Physical: Aids in releasing srress; helps with muscle cramps, indigestion

Emotional: Ideal for calming, purifying and uplifting the emotional body

Spiritual: Facilitates reaching deeper states in meditation, connecting with angels

Mantra: I allow and embrace my connection with the divine.


Angel Aura comes from quartz being banded and infused with silver and platinum. It primarily connects with our crown chakra to help us feel closer to the source and open a channel for clear divine communication, especially with angels. In addition to allowing us to connect with higher beings, it helps us channel their energy through us, allowing for powerful healing to take place. Because of its ability to connect us to divinity, is it a wonderfull meditation aid. Releases neegativity from the energetic bodies and from connections the spiritual body makes towards universal energies. Its a protective stone, safeeguarding against psychic or psychological attacks. Enhances intuition and psychic skills while surronding you with harmony and love. Expanded Awareness.

Metaphysical Properties: 
Angel Aura Quartz enhances communication, particularly with your higher self and other dimensions. Enhances intuition and psychic skills. Helps relieve stress-related illnesses such as anxiety, nervousness and depression. Reduces panic attacks. Brings peace and tranquility because of the angelic qualities and energy. Activates the energy of other minerals and gemstones for healing work. Radiates/emanates profound peace, serenity and positivity. Cleanses the aura. Transmits healing light. Treats at a cellular level. For Karma, angel aura helps you to underestand and deal with karmic issues.


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