Let go of stress

 Boosts motivation and ambition. Assists with goal realisation..  Put under pillow for restful sleep. Balances your third eye and crown chakras.

Howlite is a deeply spiritual stone that inspires Divine attunements and prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insight. It balances the third eye and crown chakras, thereby encouraging clear and peaceful communication, especially when connecting to higher dimensions. Howlite calms an overactive mind to assist with meditation and spiritual connection, as well as insomnia. It allows you to transcend to a higher level of awareness and provides mental clarity, a mental state where you can discover purpose and find deep peace. Howlite relieves stress and anxiety, absorbs anger, teaches patience, and releases attachments, helping you enjoy life. It also boosts motivation and ambition, and can assist with goal realisation.


"I release any stressful attachments and embrace the joy in life"

All chakras


Virgo and gemini