transforming energy, manifestation, inner-bridges, psychic ability, connecting with nature, past-life recalll, telepathy, empathy

high vibration kyanite aligns and clears the chakras. use at third eye or throat chakra in mediation to develop intuition telepathy and other psychic gifts. heals the brain from trauma, seizure and stroke. liberates from frustration and stress. encourages logical and rational thought. facilitates telepathy. calms the feelings, enhance intuition, enhance expressiveness, sharpen thinking.

does not retain negative energy. therefore, does not need energetic cleansing. restores the flow of energy to the chakras. works well together with many other crystals. very high energy crystal. opens communication with higheer dimensions. can enhance telepathy and intuition. powerful stone of protection during psychic work and facilitates communication with spirit guides. helps with shifting stuck patterns, resolving conflict.

stimuates intuiation and spirituality. promotes justice and truth, diplomacy and fairness. alleviates stress, anger and anxiety and promotes restful sleep. acts like a com[ass fpr when you need to find direction in life. help develop intuitive and psychic abiltiies.

highly sought for metaphysical purposes, kyanite uses are unlimited. it is considered a universal bridge, its high vibration opens pathways in the mind. expands consciousness.

deeply calming stone, making it perfect for meditation and dreamwork. it will instantly realign all chakras when used oor worn. it is one of the few minerals that doesn't require cleansing or recharging, as it doesnt hold on to negative energies. useful in healing rituals and promotes balance. 

Good for communication, mental awareness. stimulates psychic awareness. excellent for meditation and dream recall. 

aligns and balances chakras, helping you center and connect to your truth. encourages loyalty, honesty and peace with one's self, allowing more genuine self-expression. aids in healing vocal throat, mouth and sinus issues caused by (mis)communication bloackages.

high vibration and creat every apid transfers of energy. they open the psychic channels and activate the mind centers,accentuating one's mental capactities and enhancing one's ability to 'down;pad' informatio from higher sources. they can make telepathic communication between individuals easier, especially if both parties are using them. if one cgooses to sleep with blue kyanite, the process of lucid dreaming will be greatly stimulated.

can lin kthe physical, astral and causal bodies, catalysing full consciousness in waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. one must work at this, but it is well worth it when the goal is achieved. 



Chakra: throat chakra, third eye chakra, but aligns all of the chakras

Element: Water, storm




Mantra: I welcome positive change

Zodiac: Taurus, libra, aries

Hardness: 4-4.5

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