Lapis Lazuli

Intuition. Inner Truth. Inspiration. Wisdom


Lapis Lazuli is the stone of inspiration and deep self-knowledge. It was used extensively in Ancient Egypt, where embodies the vibration of wisdom and enlightenment, helping you discern your inner truth. Lapis Lazuli stimulates the pineal gland and opens the third eye, making it a great aid in exploring past lives, dream work, developing intuition and clairvoyance, and enhancing your ability to contact Spirit Guides. Meditate with Lapis Lazuli to activate these abilities and go deeper in your meditation. Lapis Lazuli acts as a gateway, a connection between the physical and celestial, informing and inspiring from other realms, boosting your imagination, creativity and visionary awareness. It also clears the throat chakra and supports the thyroid, problems with the throat, and personal expression. Lapis Lazuli is all about empowerment, boosting confidence and dissolving self-doubt. It is recommended by Buddhists to help you find inner peace and dispel negative thoughts. It is also great for focus, memory, and intellectual stimulation - very helpful for students and at work.

Mantra: "I am aligned with my deepest truth. My intuition is clear and accurate."

Stone of inspiration. enhances wisdom and truth. promotes sel awaeness and blocks negative energy. Deep self knowledge

It boosts the immune system, soothes inlammation, lowers blood pressire, alleviates insomnia nd vertigo.


Third Eye + Throat

Taurus + Aquarius

is blocks negative energy.

boosts imagicnation