Red Phantom Quartz

Red Phantom Quartz is a rare formation where Hematite or Iron bond with Quartz and seep up through giving the Quartz its stunning red colour. Red Phantom Quartz is an amazing stone that it brings through the earth’s power of Hematite/Iron and amplifies it with Quartz. Phantom crystals are master healers for any condition and can stimulate and boost your intelligence, creativity, and intuition. 

Red Phantom Quartz crystals help to facilitate access to the Akashic records and in the recovery of repressed memories. Red Phantom Quartz crystal accesses information for healing the physical body thruough the etheric blueprint and may rearrange detrimental landscape patterns and remove negative entities.  Hematite may help to heal anger and residual hurt from previous lives. Hematite provides protection during out-of-body journeying; protecting the soul and guiding it back into the body. Red Phantom Quartz shuts down metaphysical awareness when worn on the right with right-handed people and allows metaphysical faculties to remain open when worn on the left.  Red Phantom Quartz crystal removes energy implants and heals the aura. Red Phantom Quartz overcomes existential despair and restores life force and vitality to the body. It is a good crystal for business, as Red Phantom Quartz crystal enhances financial security, induces perseverance, helps overcome frustration and knowledgeable earth-healers can stabilize the planet when using this crystal.      

Red Phantom Quartz releases stress, heals the inner-child, boosts self-esteem, will power and is a master healer for any condition. Red Phantom Quartz may be useful for healing old patterns and removing compulsions, addictions, overeating, smoking, overindulging, hysteria, and inflammation.   It is a good stone to hold for timid women.  Red Phantom Quartz supports the formation of red blood cells, circulatory problems, Reynaud's disease, anaemia and may be used for energy enhancement.

Red Phantom Quartz is great when you want to regain your personal power and freedom, taking the strength of Iron into you.  Red Phantom Quartz assists in healing anger and hurt, releasing stress, emotional healing, boosting courage, and self-esteem. This crystal is also useful for addictions, and that makes it a great stone for dieters and people trying to quit smoking! This crystal makes a good talisman for business, enhances financial security, induces perseverance, helps overcome frustration, and is useful for legal situations.

Phantom crystals.  Red Phantom Crystals, are wonderful at helping you to look at yourself at a deeper level and heal your inner child, by seeing outdated patterns and recover repressed memories by assisting you to access the Akashic Records. These crystals are a grounding stone and provide protection during metaphysical activities and enhance telepathy. Phantom Quartz is a great awareness tool and is used for past life work and meditation.

 Red Phantom Quartz is one of the premier crystals for bringing awareness to the illusionary or phantom separation of the Personality and the Soul, and provides a bridge of unity to reconcile the two.

What I love about Red Phantom Crystals is their ability to stimulate energy, vitality, passion and creativity.  Drawing up energy from the core of Earth into our Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus energy centres literally kick-starts these energy centres into a new frequency.  Many people find when they begin to use Red Phantom crystals that fear in their life begins to diminish, expression is free flowing and most importantly people honour and enact upon their divine inspirations.  From a personal perspective, I cannot imagine my life on this Earth without a Red Phantom.

Red Phantoms LOVE the Earth & Fire elements, so whenever you have the chance take your crystal outside into the sun and let it sit on the Earth and experience Earth’s physical and energetic frequencies.  As the crystal draws up the energy from Earth the solar rays synergistically cleanse and electrify the crystal, recharging its frequency and bringing the crystal back to its full potential.