Touted the miracle stone of the 21st century, shungite is the one stone we cannot live without an should keep nearby at all times.

Balances the root chakra to leave you feeling rooted and protected. Allows you to achieve neutrality, balancing the right and left side of the body. Corrects any imbalances in your energy body to create overall balance. 

Use to purify water.  Shungite is a potent healing stone. 

 Purifies and charges water for bathing or elixirs. Eases aniexty, insomia and inflammation. Promotes healthy growth and healing.

regular shungite = 30-50% of organic carbon. Elite shungite 90-98% of organic carbon.

Scientists researching this stone won a Nobel Prize as their work was deemed to be so important to humankind.

How to use:

Place shungite next to electronics to soak up electromagnetic energy. Wear a shungite necklace to create a shield of protection from EMFs and to keep your body in balance. Place on the root chakra or any part of the body that feels imbalance to bring it back into alignment. Meditate with a stone in each hand to balance the right and left sides of the body, relieve stress and diminish anxiety. place on any injury to facilitate healing and bring pain relief.

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