Black Tourmaline

EMF Protection. Grounding. Purification

The Master Protector

Chakra: Root (1st)

Element: Earth
Crystal System:
Origins: Worldwide, notably Nepal, Brazil, Pakistan, Africa and USA
Mantra: "I speak the truth of my heart for the highest good of all."

ૐ Metaphysical Properties

Black Tourmaline is a highly protective stone and unique as it changes negative energies into positive ones. It is also a stone of purification, protecting from negative emotions and intentions and cleansing the aura and emotional body of stress, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness. 

Black Tourmaline is extremely grounding and brings a feeling of security, energising and balancing the chakras. It helps to clear, cleanse and unblock energy blockages within your body or home. It also shields and detoxes from electromagnetic radiation - TVs, computers, cellphones. 

A highly protective stone - unique as it changes negative energies into positive ones. Protection from negative emotions and intention. Clearing the aura. grounding, balance. Carries a strong energy for protection against negativity and electromagnetic energy. It helps to clear, cleanse and unblock your energy blockages within your body or home. Shields from psychic vampires and negativity. (psychic vampires are those who drain other's energies (Most of the time without knowing it). Receivees the negative energy or physic attack, and deflects it back to the origin. Helps with stress, and brings a feeling of security. a stone of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness. Helps one become grounded and encourages a feeling of security. Black Tourmaline increases physical vitality, replacing tension and stress. Inspires a positive attitude. Controls the energy for kinesthetic feeling. Foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. Maintain a spiritual consciousness. For energizing and balancing the chakras. repels negativity. Grounds you as its a root chakra stone. Shields and detoxes one from electromagnetic radiation - TVs, computers, cellphones.

Chakra: Root (1st)

Element: Earth

Astrological: Capricorn and Libra




Mantra: I release negativity and rest in my connection to the Earth


☥  In History

Amazonite is a blue green gem variety of Microcline, a type of Feldspar stone. Amazonite was used by the Ancient Egyptians, particularly royalty, who revered the green variety of Feldspar. Chapter Seven, The Judgement of Osiris, of the Book of the Dead was carved on large slabs of Amazonite. It was also used for jewellery, notably amulets and rings found with the treasures in Tutankhamun’s tomb. The assyrians associated Amazonite with the god Belus, also known as the Babylonian god Bel Marduk, patron deity of the city of Babylon. The stone also appears in the legend of the Amazons, the ancient warrior women tribe. It was said that they adorned their shields with Amazonite, used it for jewellery and gave it to visitors as a gift. They used the stone to heal wound sand cure illnesses healing powers, and they used it extensively for medicinal purposes. 

☽  How to Use

Carrying or meditating with Black Tourmaline can keep your auric field clear of imbalance or destructive energies.

☋ Cleansing

Cleanse your Amazonite crystal using any of the following methods:


Hold your Amazonite under running water and ask the Universe to remove all negativity from this crystal. Alternatively, leave your crystal to sit bowl of water for several minutes. If you are near to a natural running river, Amazonite stones can be placed in an organza bag and left for a short time in the running water. Running water can also energise as well as cleanse the stones at the same time.


Half-fill a glass bowl with sea salt (or cooking salt) and place your crystal directly into the salt. Either bury them into the dry salt or leave them on the surface. They should be left in the salt for several hours, overnight or for several days. Then thoroughly rinse the crystal under cool running water to remove any remaining salt. Don't forget to throw away the salt after use - Never re-use as it will have absorbed negative and unwanted energies.

Another salt method is to leave your crystals in a sea salt/water mixture, as per the water method.


Hold a burning sage smudging stick near the Amazonite crystal so that the smoke fills the air around it. You can also hold your crystal in and near the smoke. Ask for cleansing, protection or dedicating love to your crystal. Discover our range of smudge sticks.


Place the Amazonite crystal directly on top of a piece of Selenite for around 6 hours (or as long as you feel guided to leave them). Our powerful Selenite Cleansing Sticks are perfect for this purpose.


Sound Healing allows a single pitch or tone to wash over an area, bringing it into the same vibration as the tone. Long trusted by the ancients, singing bowls or Tingsha cymbals are handcrafted to sacred tones and are the ultimate sound healing tool. Simply hold the sound close to the crystal for a few minutes minutes. Ideal for cleansing multiply crystals at once or very large or delicate stones that are not easy to move.

♡ Charging

Crystals can replay any sort of vibration that you bestow upon it, simply using your intention. Your Intentions emit a specific frequency of vibration of which crystals have the ability to store and emit. You can program your amethyst crystal to replay with a particular energy, belief or new paradigm that you are trying to cultivate or to assist with specific projects and tasks. 

Follow these steps to charge your Amazonite:

  • Determine what you need assistance with and the energy that you would like your crystal to emit.
  • Ask your crystal if it is willing to partner. You will feel a clear yes, excitement even if the answer is affirmative. A neutral feeling is also a yes. No will usually feel like a strong resistance and is easiest to sense.
  • Hold your crystal to your heart and then to your third eye. With clear intent, imagine the task projected into the crystal. Extend the crystal in front of you to the point where you can envision the crystal, your heart and your third eye linking to form a triangle and lock in the purpose.
  • State aloud the “program” and thank the crystal for being a willing transmitter of this frequency.

Your charged crystal is now ready for use! Keep it close or hold it when you would like to amplify the program. Remember, the magic and power is within you, crystals are a wonderful tool to magnify our natural, metaphysical abilities.