Merkabite Calcite


Named after merkabah - divine light vehicle said to be used by ascended masters to reach those in tune to higher realms. clears away blockages in upper chakras, ascension, interdimensional travel. Consciousness expansion, access to higher knowledge.

Named after the fabled Merkabah vehicle of Light mentioned in kabbalistic texts, for it opens many doorways to inner realms. when it is held to the third eye, one can feel a great rush energy, like an interior wind blowing through the upper chakras and out the top of the head. allowing this energy to move through and aligning oneself with it, one can be transported, in definite stages, upward through each of the seven Light body chakras above the head. If therea re blockages to this, Merkabite will assist one in gently removing whatever congestion exists in the etheric body and upper chakras. If one's blockages exist below the fifth chakra, however, it might be useful to hear or hold a pwoerful stone such as Moldovite to clear things out on the lower levels. merkabite calcite appears not to connect with the body below the fifth chakra, at least not for clearing. however, it cnan help bring about the full integration of the light body with the physical once all the chakras are clear. 

it can facilitate access to the Akashic records and other interdimensional realms

merkabite calcite works synergeistically with stellar beam calcite, moldovite, phenacite, azaztulite, danburite, scolecite, natrolite, seraphonite, ajoite, fulfurite and most of the high-frequency stones. for those who need grounding, sugilite, charoite and amethyst is suggested.

Chakra: Third eye (6th), Crown (7th), etheric (8th-14th)

Element: Fire, Storm

Physical: strengthens the skeleton and joints. Stimulates nervous system, awakens untapped brain capacities

Emotional: encourages one to release anxieties and trust in spirit

Spiritual: facilitates interdimensional travel through the light body




Metaphysical Properties: